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The Moss Report podcast is hosted by science writer Ralph W. Moss, PhD. Guests include leading cancer doctors from around the world, industry professionals, nutritionists, research scientists, naturopaths, patients and more. 

Mar 16, 2022

In this episode of The Moss Report Podcast, Ralph Moss talks integrative oncology with Keith Block, MD. 

It is difficult to imagine the field of integrative oncology without pioneer, Dr. Keith Block. Based in the Chicago area for over 40 years ago, Block and his wife, Penny Block, PhD, innovated the use of the best of “alternative medicine” for cancer treatments combined with standard practices of the time. Fast forward to today and he has established himself as a preeminent scholar on the use of foods and food supplements for cancer in combination with conventional treatments.

Antioxidants in particular have been the source of considerable disagreement in the scientific community, with some doctors claiming that they undermine the effectiveness of conventional treatments. However, Block has shown through his scholarly research and his own medical practice that there is no pattern of a negative impact on patients’ health, and in fact, show a variety of profound benefits.

The  Block Center for Integrative Cancer Treatment in Skokie fights cancer by addressing the underlying molecular accidents that initiate and support it. A recognized pioneer in integrative cancer treatment, the Block Center sets the standard in the U.S. for the integration of science-based strategies that, together, can help you beat the odds and put “life over cancer” (the title of his book). 

Block is a graduate of the University of Florida in Gainesville and the University of Miami School of Medicine in Coral Gables. He did his residency at the Illinois Masonic Medical Center in Chicago. He was a disciple of Robert S. Mendelsohn, MD, author of Confessions of a Medical Heretic. Block is the founding editor-in-chief of the medical journal, Integrative Cancer Therapies, and is the author of 94 PubMed-indexed journal articles.